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Our Certifications are among the high mostly regarded certifications in the IT industry. GeekLurn has impacted many lives of professionals in shaping their careers.

GEEKLURN believes in making the journey of each and every learner worth of their capabilities and helps them fit into the best of the professional interest. GEEKLURN has achieved successful placing of students in all the potential job hierarchy who belonged to different academic backgrounds and verticals.
With the dream, you believe, and with GEEKLURN, you achieve.

Full Stack Web Development student success story
product management career opportunities for fresher

Vishal Gupta

Sales Executive -> Product Manager & Product Owner

An engineering graduate, was working as a sales executive fulfilling primal targets on a day to day basis. Unsatisfied with the lack of growth and his desire to become a marketing advocate landed him to GEEKLURN. Enrolling into a certified Product management program amplified his skills in understanding business outcomes and product strategies. Now he has immensely enriched his career by becoming a successful marketing entrepreneur.

Data Scientist success story bangalore


Fresher -> Data Scientist

She was one among many graduates who stand on the verge of career confusion, searching for the right opportunity. After completing her engineering, her directionless quest for job hunting through a long period ended with GEEKLURN. She enrolled into data science certified program, and now with a degree, she has equipped skills too. Being corporate ready and offer letter from top MNC was all she wanted, and she has achieved them all successfully.

data science career transition


House Wife -> Full Stack Web Developer

Barriers can't disrupt passion. Belonging to a small town, Jayanthi was a housewife. Her eagerness to think beyond daily chores and aspiration to start a career had to go through many dilemmas. But her determination bestowed her with a new light of hope when she found GEEKLURN to her rescue. She enrolled in their online certified program. Within a few months, by just sitting at home, learning with all-inclusive convenience, she is now a full-stack web developer.

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As a pathfinder to our enrolled students, We have come along in a corporate tie-up with highly acknowledged and reputed companies from the industry to give learners a relevant platform to fulfill their recruitment goals.
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