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Know how it makes and what it takes to be a good Product Manager.

You are currently viewing Know how it makes and what it takes to be a good Product Manager.

What drives you?. Have you been intrinsically curiosity-driven all your life? Maybe you are empathetic and possess problem-solving abilities. You want to be your own boss? Then, my dear friend, you can be a great product manager. There is a stack of possibilities, at a job point of view, if you are looking up to in your career perspective for managerial roles where you can optimize and utilize your behavioural skills to fit into the role.

You need not be technical, to begin with, or you need not belong to a Computer science background to start with. There are mid ladders to help you bridge this opportunity gap, where you can get a get a certification in scrum product management, and there you go!.

Who can become a product manager?

Product management

As I said, you need not belong to a technical background, to begin with. You can be

  • An engineer 
  • An R&D deploy
  • A marketing professional
  • sales executive
  • Market developer
  • Product supporter
  • MBA graduate

Yes, you can be all of the above before you think to be on step of product management. Product management is something that has to do more with internal behaviour rather than ambient externalises. Apart from all that, let me explain to you the prerequisites, which will help you understand if you can really fit into the role.

If you are someone who has a philanthropist attitude and have entrepreneurial dreams to lead any organization or you are enthusiastic enough to work on your product, then it may be easier for you to slide into product ownership and managerial roles. 

If you have a vision about your product with or without the knowledge of its technicalities and you want to communicate the usability of your product with people around, you can become a product owner.

product management skills.

 In a closed set of elements, A product manager comes in the middle of the Venn diagram. 

A={UX/UI design} ,B={ technical knowledge}, C={Business ideas}

From minimal to maximal, a product manager deals with all the dimensions of marketing strategies. From strategies, context, management, stakes, goals, the manager looks into every perspective of the product entity.

Do you have the requisite skills to become a Product Manager?

What it takes to be a product manager is like a gourmet recipe where the traits and skills make the place of ingredients that have to be in nearly a definite proportion in order to deliver the right taste.

In a cumulative managerial design, you will fit into the product management roles with an amalgam of communication skills, objective prioritisation skills, managerial skills, organisation management skills, technical skills, designing skills, and others.

I believe you like to be in command, and if you are someone who is mentally majestic and essentially posses responsibility features, the organisation can look up to you for a product management role.

project management hierarchy.

Let’s figure out some of the more qualities, a product manager would need in an apprentice.

  • A wide eye viewer who takes right decision at the right time.
  • A diligent who is autonomous and works with responsibility.
  • A fiducial person who knows how to delegate and build trust.
  • Someone who is enthusiastically appealing to lead and work in a group simultaneously.
  • Someone with cumulative strategy and context together.
  • A person who can manage the market, customers, and competition together.

Roles and responsibilities of a Product Manager.

A product manager is trusted for managing the life cycle of a product/ service. They are the wagon holder of the business protocols. An organization expect product managers to

  • create extraordinary customer value.
  • Deliver adequate and decent profitability to the business.
  • Evaluate and generate long term customer competitive advantage.

What exactly a product manager do?

Product management procedures.

1.Appropriate feasibility analysis:

Is the product making am into has got value?. Does it have modest usability? Can it fulfill customer demand? How far it can be durable. Can it survive the competition in the market? Is my investment over return is worth it?. All these questions ought to come in your mind finding the feasibility justification for the product. A product manager builds a blueprint of the project and suggest a suitable road map to be followed to achieve and solute the above queries.

2.Evaluating the finance metrics:

Evaluation of the finance is like a report card to decide the worthiness of your efforts has paid well or not. If yes, how to continue it, If no, how to improve it. Reviewing the financial aspects of the product is valuable. Determining liquidity on balance, EVA (economic value added) of product, interest value, Net cash flow, Gross profit margin, contribution margin has to be in close matrix of management role.

3.Good research designs:

You don’t have to be a designer to be a product manager, but you should have a good sense of “what good design is” in the first place. Sensing a good design is not technical but intuitive. To get ahead with breakthrough design, it has to be innovative, functional. A good design defines usability, a good design drives good business by making its aesthetic worth appealing and satisfactory. A good design user-oriented and unobstructed.

4.Forecasting sales channel:

Sales channels need a tighter forecast to fit in. Strategy and experience is a relative mangers tool to look into the future of a product and its possibility. The more experienced, the more accurate it will be.

5.Business development and enhanced user experience:

Product managers build business road-maps, fix pricing, looking into sales and support, and peeking into potential payoffs for products or services. Understanding customer’s problems need a great deal of skills. Customer feedback leads to him to read product statistics, and it helps the team to get into the assessment, as in where the improvement measures have to be taken to make service more reachable in the market.

Why should you become a product manager?

Product management is a great opportunity to fill yourself with leadership qualities, which will help you to get into a significant and more prominent role in your organisation. It will up-skill your resume and help you for coveted career transitions where you never know, and you may land into as a Vice president or C-level influential positions in the future. A scrum or Agile project management course is definitely worth looking out for before you dream of being on the thrones of any reputed organisation.


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