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Be a professional web developer in 2020 and get paid like never before.

You are currently viewing Be a professional web developer in 2020 and get paid like never before.

A website breathes through the codes, functions through aesthetics, and the developer makes it possible all the way.”

If I ask you what exactly you want from your desired job apart from work satisfaction? A good salary, right?, In fact, a great salary. If you are wondering about the scopes of a good-paying job around you, let me enlighten you a little about the market peripheries. According to U.S News and World Report for best technological jobs, Web development is ranked 8th. 

What makes web development to come to a step up in availing potential credibility to subjected job aspirants?. It is because of the reason that web development comes up with a lot of transferable skill and versatility. You need not be a professional degree holder to become a web developer.

A lot of space has been added in the list of prerequisite, where students from other genres can fit in too by taking up a supplementary or certified course in web development. 

Why web development?

Web development career opportunities.

1. It is fun and interesting:

There was a time when creativity was in the intersection with technicality, unlike now. Now both grow parallelly in unison. Web development is such an area where there is room for both. It allows both the hemisphere of the brain to work in cohesion where intellect comes with artistry toppings, with a thin crust of coding fundamentals and lots of bursting cheesy and zesty skills. You create a design, play with the aesthetics, code it, present it and its done.

2. Be your own boss:

As a web developer, your work is not constricted around the cubicles. Your set of skills and expertise can make you fill your pockets just sitting at home. Apart from your day to day niche, you can work as a freelancing developer parallelly suiting your schedules and make a hell lot of money. Working as a freelancer supports your creative freedom. If you choose to work for a startup even, they leverage a fair amount of learning which will definitely help you grow and add value to your portfolios.


Yes, very likely you are going to make good money with pursuing web development as a career. The area compasses a lot of skills around. You can circumference adding skills to the dept while keeping your ability at the centre. 

Salary of web developers:

Salary of web developers.

According to the study and averaging 150 salaries, the approximate annual income of a web developer is 389,674 INR.

What do Web developers do:

Web developers are the spine to any website. The job requires attention to the detail. The developer creates the website’s nerves, let it breathe through the codes, and make it walk through aesthetics. In short, a website speaks the language of its developer. Some of the task they perform:

  1. Documentation and testing of websites.
  2. Collaborate with designers and content producers.
  3. Debugging and modifying the website.
  4. Accessing database and generating web pages.

The salary and experience statistics:

0-1 year: A newbie in the field of web development is expected to earn nearly on an average of 269,286 INR/year.

1-4 years: An early to a mid-level developer who has gained nearly3-4 years of experience ought to get paid on an average of 360,892 INR around the year.

5-9 years: A senior mid web developer with more than 6 years and less than 10 years of experience can earn up to 890,789 INR around the year.

10-19 years: A full fledges web developer with more than 10 years of experience earns easily around 1,450,925 INR/year.

Skills that affect salary pitch:

web development skills.

Out of a pool of requisites that able a web developer to climb on his career path, there are a few specific skills which are exclusively important to leverage the salary bracket. Some of them are;

  1. JavaScript
  2. HTML
  3. HTML5
  4. JQuery
  5. MySQL
  6. PHP
  7. CSS (Cascading style sheet)
  8. Angular.Js
  9. Asynchronous Javascript
  10. XML

Even out of this categorized skill, you can handpick some specialized skill like Javascript, HTML5, CSS and PHP, which alone can fetch you a hike of almost 40% in the basket. 


Web development job opportunity.

The right talent at the wrong place is definitely a bad combination.

A job gains and loses its relevancy to a place too. What if you have the perfect skills, but you are searching for the job in the wrong place. Its a big ocean and you have to put the bait at the right place to get the fish. For web development, the lucrative location springs around Bangalore and Mumbai. The salary heavily depends on a place and its cost of living. Eyeing such parameters, the salary graph is plotted. Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, West Bengal, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kochi are some of the cities where Web development has a hold in providing opportunities to job seeking aspirants.

What Role you can serve as a web developer:

Web development pours you with a number of job roles to fit in like;

  1. Design and layout analyst
  2. Web marketing analyst
  3. Front end developer
  4. back end developer
  5. UI Designer
  6. UX Consultant


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