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How about being a successful Web developer in 2020. Have you yet started preparing with the fundamentals? HTML is an important part and component of front end development, the knowledge of which is undeniably important before you become a Full-stack web developer. So we present you a list of questions which will help you a little more towards acknowledging HTML concepts.

web development interview questions.

Q1. What is HTML?

Ans: HTML stands for hypertext markup language. It is the standard text formatting language which is used to create and display pages on the web.HTML documents consist of two components: the content and the tags.

Q2. What are the key elements of the list used for designing a page?

Ans: The following list types are

  • Definition list
  • menu list
  • Directory list
  • Ordered list
  • Unordered list

Q3. What is the significance of a collapsed white space?

Ans: A sequence of blank space characters is called white space. In HTML it is designated as a single space character. The browser is able to collapse multiple spaces into single spaces, so the line of text can be indented without worrying about the space. It makes HTML more easily readable.

Q4. How do you create links to the section of the same page?

Ans: Links are usually created using the <a> tag with the reference of using the number (#) symbol.

Q5: What is the utility of alternative text in image mapping?

Ans: When image mapping is done, there is a possibility of confusion, as to navigate hotspots, i.e., to determine which hotspots map to which link. There comes alternative texts into existence. It helps in putting a descriptive text to each link to make it distinct.

Q6: What is the meaning of the style sheet?

Ans: A style sheet is basically a set of style rules that tells a browser about how the various HTML tags are to be applied to present a document.

Q7: How many types of style sheets are there?

Ans: There are three different types of style sheets;

  • Embedded: The style rules are included within the HTML generally at the top of the web page- the head.
  • Inline: The style rules exist throughout the HTML of the web page- the body.
  • Linked: The style rules are stored outside in a separate file which is external to all the web pages.

Q8: Write an HTML table tag sequence that outputs the following:

60 pcs 200 400

30 pcs 5 60




<td>60 pcs</td> 





<td>30 pcs</td> 





Q9: How can you change the colour of the bullets?

Ans: The colour of the bullet remains the same as the first character in the list item. Surrounding the <li>, and the first character with a set of <font> tags with colour attribute set, the bullet colour and the first character will be different from the text.

Q10. What should be the limit of text field size?

Ans: The default size of any text character is 13 characters. Including the size attribute, the lower value can be assigned to as low as 1. Browser width determines the maximum size value. Size attribute being set as 0, the default size will be 13 characters. 

Q11. What is the difference between active links and normal links?

Ans: the colour by which both active and normal links are recognised by is blue. When the mouse cursor is placed over a link, and it has a focus, it determines that it is an active link. Those who don’t have a focus over the placement of mouse cursor on them are called a normal link.

Q12. List the new FORM elements in HTML5?

Ans: The new FORM elements render more and better functionalities than the previous one.

  • <datalist> : this tag usefuly list outputs for input controls.
  • <keygen>: It represents a key value pair generator.
  • <output>: It represents the result of scripting calculation.

Q13: What is the difference between session and local storage in HTML5?

Ans: Session storage: It only stores current session data. once the browser get closed, it clears the storage automatically.

Local storage:

 It does store current session data but unlike session storage, the storage does not get cleared automatically once the browser get closed.

Q14: What are the new input types provided by HTML5 in forms?

Ans: New data types introduced by HTML5 are;

  • datetime-local- It allows the user to select a date and time irrespective of the time zone.
  • datetime- It allows the user to select a date and time taking into account the time zone.
  • Date- It allows the user to choose a date.
  • month- It allows user to select a month and year.
  • email- This input consists of email listing and details.

Q15: How do you create a nested webpage in HTML?

Ans: In HTML iframe tag is used to denote a nested webpage.

!DOCTYPE html>    



<h2>HTML Iframes example</h2>    

<p>Use the length and breadth attributes to specify the size of the iframe:</p>    

<iframe src=”” height=”200″ width=”300″></iframe>    




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